20 May 2024

Imperial College 2024

Wow! So this is what it is like to be an Undergraduate student at University.  

On Friday 17 May, the Elite Scientists visited Imperial College to present their findings of their project "The effect of various activities on the brainwave patterns of Year 7-9 students”. They elicited a lot of…

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8 May 2024

Ouch! Taking Cerebrospinal Fluid sounds too painful

On Tuesday 7 May, Dr Iryna Benilova and Mrs. Huda Al-Doujaily and Miss Tatiana Jakubcova, came from University College, London to do the second workshop on  the brain. It was very interesting! The workshop kicked off with a brilliant talk by Dr. Iryna Benilova, on Alzheimer's disease, Prion…

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24 April 2024

Some people can only see half their dinner plate!

What is Mad Cow disease?!

On Tuesday 23 of April, 2 wonderful scientists came from University College, of the University of London, to give talks on their brain research, and their personal science journey. They talked about different topics such as firing of Neutones, EEG…

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6 March 2024

Is that Prof Saiful Islam?

Is that Professor Saiful Islam?! No way!!

Professor Islam was one of the speakers that the 6 Elite Scientists saw relaying research about different sorts of batteries, and the future regarding them. 

The Elite Scientists had to set up their stand and relay their research to other…

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17 January 2024

Myndband brainsets

"Analyse This!"

This was the main activity that the Elite Scientists did  

on Tuesday 16 January.  After weeks of data collection using the Myndband brainsets, the Elite Scientists could finally start analysing their data using Myndplayer Pro Software.   Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be…

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19 December 2023

Article 19 Dec 23

"Shhhhhh! We are doing a quiz"


This was one of the activities that the Elite Scientists had to do whilst wearing their Mydband EEG headset.  

On Tuesday 19 December, Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them  continue to collecti data for their project: "…

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7 December 2023

Go get that Ping Pong ball!

On Tuesday 5 of December, Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could continue collecting data for their project: " The Effect of various activities on the Brainwave Patterns of students".  The…

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27 November 2023

Article 27 November 2023

Is it paired yet?


This was the common question asked 

on Tuesday 27th of November, when Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them  pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could start their project: " The Effect of various activities…

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8 November 2023

Article on Elite Scientists

Wow, that's a big table!!

On Tuesday 7 November, Dr Iryna Benilova, came from University College, London, to do a session with the students on the planning of the experiment that they are going to do, which is "The Effect of Various activities on the Brainwave patterns of students ". The…

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31 October 2023

Article on Elite Scientists session 31 October 23

Elite Scientists project kicks off!

Tuesday 31 October 2023, saw Dr Iryna Benilova from University College London in collaboration with Saint Georges, University of London, came and give an introduction into the brainwaves project. The Elite Scientists were very eager to find out more about…

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20 October 2023

Meteor Shower 2023

Weather report said it would be only partly cloudy!

On Friday 20 October 2023, we had the Orionid meteor shower watch on the AstroTurf, at William Perkin. The Orionids are dust grains derived from no other than Haileys comet! As the dust grains burn into the upper layers of our atmosphere, in…

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11 October 2023

Annual Elite Scientists programme

What's a Prion? 

This was one of the interesting things that was addressed at the Lauch of the Elite Scientists, Tuesday 10 October.  We learn about Kreutzfeldt, Jakob disease, and how it impacted the world community, and we learned about Dr Benilova's research into Prion disease. You can read…

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