27 November 2023

Article 27 November 2023

Is it paired yet?


This was the common question asked 

on Tuesday 27th of November, when Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them  pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could start their project: " The Effect of various activities…

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8 November 2023

Article on Elite Scientists

Wow, that's a big table!!

On Tuesday 7 November, Dr Iryna Benilova, came from University College, London, to do a session with the students on the planning of the experiment that they are going to do, which is "The Effect of Various activities on the Brainwave patterns of students ". The…

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31 October 2023

Article on Elite Scientists session 31 October 23

Elite Scientists project kicks off!

Tuesday 31 October 2023, saw Dr Iryna Benilova from University College London in collaboration with Saint Georges, University of London, came and give an introduction into the brainwaves project. The Elite Scientists were very eager to find out more about…

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20 October 2023

Meteor Shower 2023

Weather report said it would be only partly cloudy!

On Friday 20 October 2023, we had the Orionid meteor shower watch on the AstroTurf, at William Perkin. The Orionids are dust grains derived from no other than Haileys comet! As the dust grains burn into the upper layers of our atmosphere, in…

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11 October 2023

Annual Elite Scientists programme

What's a Prion? 

This was one of the interesting things that was addressed at the Lauch of the Elite Scientists, Tuesday 10 October.  We learn about Kreutzfeldt, Jakob disease, and how it impacted the world community, and we learned about Dr Benilova's research into Prion disease. You can read…

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11 October 2023

Meteor Shower Article 2022

First it was clear, then it was cloudy!

On Friday 11th of November, we had the Taurid meteor shower watch on the AstroTurf, at William Perkin. It was set to be a clear night, so that we could see lots of meteors, however it ended up being cloudy with a few gaps in the cloud. We saw Mars and…

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20 September 2023

Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers


  • Introduction
  • Computer components
  • Quantum physics
  • Quantum computers
  • Applications


For most of our history, human technology consisted of our brains, fire, and sharp sticks. While fire and sharp sticks became power plants and nuclear…

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14 July 2023

Elite Scientist- IRIS Conference 2023

On Tuesday 27th of June, 2023, the Elite Scientists, went to the Fiends Meeting House, in Euston, to give their research findings to more than 500 delegates, from other schools, at the IRIS Conference 2023 (Institute for Research in Schools).  As well as students and teachers from other schools,…

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7 June 2023

Elite Scientist's visit to St. Georges - 19th May 2023

Are those real body parts?!


A question the student were asking themselves when they went into the paramedic simulation room.


On Friday 19 May, both Elite Scientist groups: Short Term Memory and Photovoice groups gave their talks to their fellow peers and academics of Saint…

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5 May 2023

Founders Day to Celebrate Chemical Attractions!

Founders Day has been another huge success this year. William Perkin, Church of England. High school is now 10 years old, and as Founders Day suggests, is the day that our school was founded.

The day was full of lots of different activities, run by various scientists , from different…

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3 May 2023

Some people can only see half of their dinner plate!!

On Tuesday 25th of April, 4 wonderful scientists came from University College, of the University of London, to give talks on their brain research, and their personal science journey. The varying scientists talked about different topics such as Alzheimer's, short-term memory, chips (not potato !)…

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24 March 2023


On Tuesday 21st March we took fourteen Y13 Physicists to Cranfield University for the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme (SGACP) Network event at their Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC).

Cranfield University is not particularly well known amongst the general public as…

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