27 November 2019

Hey! Does Reading Really Calm you Down?!

That’s the kind of question that the Elite Scientists are trying to answer with this project. Every week the students will be recording their brain wave patterns in response to different activities, such as reading and exercise over the next couple of months. After they have collected their…

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8 November 2019

That's 5 Meteors and Counting!

On Friday 8 November, around 26 students came to the Taurid Meteor Shower, to observe Meteors burning across the sky. Everybody was wrapped up warm, snuggled under blankets, watching the sky for bright streaks of light. It was a brilliant evening, accompanied by Ms Kapila’s hot chocolate, which I…

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5 November 2019

This is What I do!

On Tuesday 5th November, De-Shaine Murray, from Imperial College came to William Perkin School, to launch the New Elite Scientists group.

The students learnt more about what De-Shaine does in the lab, and it was brilliant. He gave a very academic talk about neurones and how the brain works and…

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15 October 2019

Wow is that a Screwdriver Going through that Brain?!

This was one of the pictures that was shown at the Elite Scientists launch, on Tuesday 15th of October 2019. De-Shaine Murray from Imperial College, came over and gave a talk on his work, and the project that the potential Elite Scientists will be doing over the next academic year. It was an…

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2 October 2019

You Spoke So Well!

They did indeed, the 15 Elite Scientists, went to the Young Scientists Journal Conference 2019, at Queens College, University of Cambridge. After registration, students got their goody bags with snazzy glasses, (that gave everyone a psychedelic outlook on life!). They attended aspirational and…

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1 July 2019

Institute for Research in Schools Conference

This is what students heard when they gave their research findings, to other students and academics, at the Institute for Research In Schools Conference (IRIS).

The day kicked off with registration, and then the students gave their poster presentation, and their talk, based on the research…

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1 July 2019

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

This was one of the questions that the Elite Scientists were asking the general public, at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, over the weekend of the 29th and 30th of June 2019.

It was a scorching weekend, where the students interacted with members of the public across the ages, relating with…

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30 June 2019

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019

This is what the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019, is all about. This country is bursting full of innovative ideas, inventions and science, across the disciplines. The 25 students, got to see these things early, before they are brought to the public domain.

The kinds of science the…

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10 June 2019

Did you say Faecal Transplant?!!

I am afraid it is true, that is what Dr Gavin Bewick talked about when he came to give a talk to the Year 8 students on Monday 10th June (well, one of the things anyway!).

Dr Bewick talked about the effect of healthy gut Biomes on the prevention of Diabetes and Obesity. It was a brilliant talk,…

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5 June 2019

The Royal Society Young Book Prize 2019

This year, William Perkin Church of England High School, has been chosen to be a school judge of six shortlisted books, from the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2019 competition. We even get to keep the books!

The Elite Scientists will be reading the 6 books in the coming weeks, making…

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17 May 2019

How Many Scientists?!

The day started with an introductory talk by Dr Rebecca Holloway, followed by 2 academic sessions on lung research projects by 2 scientists: Dr Dhiren Patel, who works on Neutrophils and their effects on bacteria, and Dr Frank Puttur, who does research on lungs using confocal…

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10 May 2019

Founders Day 2019 - Year of Engineering

Wow! What a day! This Year’s Founders Day, held on Friday 10th May, was fantastic. We had over 40 personnel come in and lead experiments, workshops and talks on the theme of Engineering. The day was fun packed with activities that involved the students making LED torches from scratch (Institute of…

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