William Perkin CofE High School commits to adapting teaching to meet the needs of students with EHC plans (SEN E) as well as students identified as having additional support needs (SEN K) and those whose SEN needs merit routine monitoring.

William Perkin has an Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) catering for SEN students who meet the specific admissions criteria (an Education, Health & Care Plan in place for either ASD or SpLD and another need. The vision for the ARC is to support inclusion within mainstream education for students who are in need of significant levels of specialist support. It is suitable for students who can be included in the mainstream provision for most of their day. Our students are given a place in the ARC because they would not be able to access mainstream education without intensive support. This vulnerability means that it would be incompatible with their efficient education to admit children whose difficulties present as challenging behaviour.

All SEND at the school is overseen by the school SENCO Mr Wilfred Jones.

Admission of students with EHCPs is arranged by the local authority. The Year 5 Annual Review offers an opportunity to express parental preference. The primary school offers guidance. In October, prior to the September transfer, each school will read the papers sent by the LA. Parents are informed by the LA by 15th February on their year of transition of the school place offer.

Our SEN Policy and Report give details about how the curriculum is made accessible for those with SEND:

SEN Information Report

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SEN Policy

Updated: 13/07/2023 884 KB

Additional information may be found in the Twyford CofE Academies Trust Accessibility Plan.