On Tuesday 7 May, Dr Iryna Benilova and Mrs. Huda Al-Doujaily and Miss Tatiana Jakubcova, came from University College, London to do the second workshop on  the brain. It was very interesting! The workshop kicked off with a brilliant talk by Dr. Iryna Benilova, on Alzheimer's disease, Prion disease and the protein biomarkers to detect them using Cerebrospinal fluid from around the brain.  

After the talk the students got to count the number of protein molecule biomarkers present in mock Cerebrospinal fluid samples (represented as sugar molecules!), and they had to diagnose the condition for each patient - what fun!  (The students got to wear their own lab coats!). The students then did a quiz on biomarkers and Dr Benilova went through the answers. The students gave their talk that they're going to give at their Science partner's workplace, to all three scientists to get their feedback on their speaking skills. They had some really positive feedback as well a couple of constructive pointers. Well done to them!

Finally, the students all got certificates and rewards  for all their efforts, and we sadly did thank yous and goodbyes.

Thanks to Dr Iryna Benilova, Mrs. Huda Al-Doujaily and Miss Tatiana Jakubcova, for all their time and effort. Also a special thank you to Dr. Iryna Benilova for  working with the Elite Scientists for the whole year, she's been AMAZING in every way!