9 July 2024

A Level Physics trip to Geneva

30 students from William Perkin 6th Form enjoyed a fantastic trip to visit CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucéaire) and experience the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Here are some of the highlights enjoyed by the A-level Physicists:

Day 1

An early start with a 6am flight out of…

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8 July 2024


Students from Year 8 and Year 9 have been working on a project from STEMKart. Previously they had a lesson in which they learned about the design, engineering and ergonomics of a Formula 1 car. This was followed up by a very exciting practical lesson today in which they were able to put their…

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27 June 2024

Founders Day 2024

This year's Founders Day was packed full of stimulating, hands-on experiences for the whole school to participate in.

One of our sixth formers has produced an article about the day:

Article written by: Kaylan | Edited by: Kalina |

On this year’s Founder’s Day, students were off timetable…

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26 June 2024

IRIS Conference

Science Science Science!

On Tuesday 25th of June, 2024, the Elite Scientists went to the Friends Meeting House in Euston, to give their research findings to more than 500 delegates, from other schools.  As well as students and teachers from other schools, there were academics who were also…

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17 June 2024

Wow! I have a brain!

This was a statement we heard quite alot at The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2024, which took place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16  of June.  It was a brilliant event.  On both days, the students shared their research findings with members of the public. They were confident, clear, enthusiastic,…

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13 June 2024

Beta cells work together like a football team! Well, who'd have thought it?!

On Wednesday 12 June, Dr Lydia Daniels-Gatward came to speak to the Year 9, sets 1-3. Science Core Elective students on Diabetes. 

Dr Daniels-Gatward, is a Postdoc. who works on the sex differences in Diabetes, at Kings College London, University of London.  

Things that Dr Daniels-Gatward…

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20 May 2024

Imperial College 2024

Wow! So this is what it is like to be an Undergraduate student at University.  

On Friday 17 May, the Elite Scientists visited Imperial College to present their findings of their project "The effect of various activities on the brainwave patterns of Year 7-9 students”. They elicited a lot of…

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8 May 2024

Ouch! Taking Cerebrospinal Fluid sounds too painful

On Tuesday 7 May, Dr Iryna Benilova and Mrs. Huda Al-Doujaily and Miss Tatiana Jakubcova, came from University College, London to do the second workshop on  the brain. It was very interesting! The workshop kicked off with a brilliant talk by Dr. Iryna Benilova, on Alzheimer's disease, Prion…

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24 April 2024

Some people can only see half their dinner plate!

What is Mad Cow disease?!

On Tuesday 23 of April, 2 wonderful scientists came from University College, of the University of London, to give talks on their brain research, and their personal science journey. They talked about different topics such as firing of Neutones, EEG…

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7 December 2023

Go get that Ping Pong ball!

On Tuesday 5 of December, Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could continue collecting data for their project: " The Effect of various activities on the Brainwave Patterns of students".  The…

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