30 December 2021

William Perkin's Elite Scientists participate in Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2021

Our Elite Scientists were invited to attend the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2021, which aired on the BBC on 30 December 2021. This prestigious event was led by none other than Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer. He was joined by other leading experts to unlock…

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10 November 2021

Royal Society Young Book Prize competition 2021 & Srishti visits!

The new Elite Scientists 7.0 have been selected via application :-) They were all raring to go on Tuesday, 2nd of November. The session kicked off with reading for the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2021. The Royal Society Young Book Prize involves an adult panel at the Royal Society whittling…

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22 October 2021

Is that a meteor? No, it's the moon!

On Friday 22 October, 40 students across years 7, 8 and 9 gathered for the annual Orionid Meteor shower.

The Orionids are dust fragments from the trail of Haley’s Comet, which only passes Earth once every 75 years.

All the students snuggled down on the AstroTurf, to observe the Orionids,…

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13 October 2021

Elite Scientist Launch 2021-22

On Tuesday 12th of October, Srishti Balamurugan, from St George's, University of London, came to William Perkin to launch the Elite scientist program for 2021-22. It was a brilliant talk, where Srishti talked about her journey as a scientist, and elaborated on her course: Biomedical Sciences,…

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15 July 2021

Founders Day 2021

Ooh that is disgusting!!!!!

On Thursday 15th July, our Keynote Speaker for Founders Day, Professor Raffaella Villa from the Department of Environmental Engineering at De Montford University, came to talk about Fatbergs.

London, and other parts of the world unfortunately, have had…

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17 June 2021

What causes high blood pressure? By the way...is that a heart and what are you blowing up there?!

On Thursday 17th June, Kwaku Duah-Asante from Imperial College, came to do a talk/workshop on blood pressure with the Year 8 students. Normally this workshop is open to the whole school, however because of the pandemic, we could only open it up to Year 8 students. The Year 8s were the blessed year…

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13 May 2021

Look, we're up there!

On Thursday 13th May 2021, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, The Elite Scientists were involved in the virtual IRIS Conference 2021 (Institute for Research In Schools).

Normally, this conference happens in a London University, such as Saint Mary’s, or The Science Museum. This year was very different!…

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22 April 2021

My wrist is being squeezed!

On Thursday 22nd April 2021, the Elite Scientists finally started their experiments, after months of remote sessions!! The students' project is called “The effect of various activities on the blood pressure of year eight students“. The kind of activities that the students will be investigating…

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25 March 2021

No rest for the Elite Scientists!!

Well, the Elite Scientists have been working really hard, with Kwaku Duah-Asante, their science partner. Over lockdown 3, they have been meeting Kwaku, almost every week to discuss their scientific poster and talk which they will present at the IRIS Virtual Science Conference (Institute for…

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25 March 2021

Look who's talking for the Iris Conference 2021!

On Thursday 25th March, IRIS (Institute for Research In Schools) virtually filmed the Elite Scientists giving their talk. They did such an amazing job!!! I am very proud of them, as they have worked through adversity, joining Teams every week, with Kwaku Duah-Asante, our Science Partner from…

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27 January 2021

How to Win a Nobel prize?

This was the title of one of the books that the Elite Scientists were reading over the last term.

The Royal Society have an annual competition, where a judging panel at the Royal Society, whittle down about 70 books to a shortlist of six. The final six books then get sent round to different…

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3 December 2020

Now that's a result!

On Thursday 3rd December, Kwaku Duah-Asante came and led a session with the Elite Scientists on variables and recording data.

The students had a discussion with Kwaku about what the variables needed to be for their experiment and then spent time in small groups designing a results table for…

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