5 May 2023

Founders Day to Celebrate Chemical Attractions!

Founders Day has been another huge success this year. William Perkin, Church of England. High school is now 10 years old, and as Founders Day suggests, is the day that our school was founded.

The day was full of lots of different activities, run by various scientists , from different…

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3 May 2023

Some people can only see half of their dinner plate!!

On Tuesday 25th of April, 4 wonderful scientists came from University College, of the University of London, to give talks on their brain research, and their personal science journey. The varying scientists talked about different topics such as Alzheimer's, short-term memory, chips (not potato !)…

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24 March 2023


On Tuesday 21st March we took fourteen Y13 Physicists to Cranfield University for the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme (SGACP) Network event at their Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC).

Cranfield University is not particularly well known amongst the general public as…

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16 March 2023

The Magic of Science (& Disney!)

From Sunday March 5th to Tuesday March 7th 40 students from Y10 and Y11 enjoyed a trip to Disneyland Paris for the annual Science Live! Conference.

It was an early start leaving at 6am on the Sunday morning for the long trip to Paris via coach and ferry. We arrived in time to grab an evening…

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1 February 2023

So that's what the brain looks like! Here's one we made earlier!

On Tuesday 31st of January, the Elite Scientists 8.0,  were in for a big treat! Four scientists from University College, London, came to give talks and workshops on the brain: 

Dr. Iryna Benilov. 

Dr Silvia Purro,

PhD candidates

Lizzie Hill and 

Catherine Turnbull

 So much…

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17 January 2023

It's Photovoice Presentation Time!

On Tuesday 17th of January, Stefano Carulli and  Dr. Clara Cieza- Borrella, from St George's, University of London, came in to do the final session with the second Elite Scientists group. Each student had produced a presentation to give to the rest of the group about their topic using the…

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10 January 2023

More Data!

On Tuesday 10th of January , Srishti Balamurugan, from St George's University of London, came to William Perkin to lead the students in some experiments, where they carried out various activities, to see their effects on their short-term memory. Half the students are seeing the effect of  physical…

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13 December 2022

That's A Big Table!!

On Tuesday 29th of November, Srishti Balamurugan, from Saint George's , University of London, came into William Perkin to spend time with the Elite Scientists. They were all working in groups to design a group table, on Excel, for all their results. They had to bear in mind the subjects involved,…

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16 November 2022

Hmmmm do I really want to eat Beetles for breakfast?! I'd prefer waffles, thank you!

On Thursday 15th of November, the Elite scientists took a pause, and read six shortlisted books of the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2022 competition.  They chose "Beetles for breakfast " by Madeleine Finlay.   

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14 November 2022

First it was clear, then it was cloudy!

On Friday 11th of November, we had the Taurid meteor shower watch on the AstroTurf, at William Perkin. It was set to be a clear night, so that we could see lots of meteors, however it ended up being cloudy with a few gaps in the cloud. We saw Mars and Jupiter, and a rainbow halo around the Moon.…

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14 November 2022

2 Elite Scientist's projects!! Doubly exciting!

Tuesday 8 of November, saw Srishti Balamurugan, from Saint Georges, University of London, come and give an introduction into the short-term memory project. The Elite Scientists were very eager to find out more about this project.  Srishti gave a presentation, on her educational background, and…

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12 October 2022

Wow! Two launches in one!

Tuesday 11th October, saw the launch of not just one, but two Elite Scientist Projects.  One project will be run until December 2022,by Stefano Carulli , and the other one will be run by Srishti Balamurugan, until June next year. Both Stefano and Srishti, are scientists from St George's,…

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