Young Scientists Indeed!

Young Scientist Journal Conference 2016 and Oxford University:

Tuesday 18th October saw the Elite Scientists at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, communicating their meteor research carried out with Professor Monica Grady, to schools all over the UK and key Scientific academics such as Professor of Astrophysics, Chris Lintott, Oxford University, who is well known for hosting BBC “Sky at Night” programme. Professor Lintott commented on how great their Astronomy project was and asked a specific question after their talk on the metal content of meteors.

The day was packed with lectures such as those on the engineering of planes given by Rolls Royce, Mike Percival, brain activity of blind people, and volcanoes, given by Oxford University Professors: Kate Watson and David Pyle respectively.

The Co-founders of Young Scientists Journal (and the Conference), Christina Astin and Ghazwan Butrous, were very complimentary about our students, commenting on how engaged they all were, and how they were a credit to our school.

There were also other scientific establishments enthusing students, such as Coty cosmetics, Kings College and the Institute for Research in School (IRIS). The latter disseminate data for analysis in schools, from the ISS (International Space Station), and CERN, for example, so that schools can get students to build their analytical skills, and be part of a big global research project.

A fantastic day!!

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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