You Spoke so Well!

You spoke so well!

They did indeed, the 15 Elite Scientists, went to the Young Scientists Journal Conference 2019, at Queens College, University of Cambridge. After registration, students got their goody bags with snazzy glasses, (that gave everyone a psychedelic outlook on life!). They attended aspirational and inspirational talks by key scientists, such as A and E emergency doctor in Hackney’s Hommerton Hospital, Professor Rachel K. O’Reilly Polymer expert from Birmingham University, and Professor David Menon, Head of Anaesthesia at Queens Colege University of Cambridge. They also presented their poster, and gave their talk to other students from around the country and academics from the University and beyond. It was an exciting day, where they could talk to different organisations, and other scientific based companies, including Education Harbour, where they could talk about products and possible careers in science ( oh yeah, and get freebies). In addition, the students performed their Talk and Poster most excellently, answering questions with equal enthusiasm to members of the public, academics and the Young Scientist Journal Conference judges. They did so well, in fact, that they won a certificate and prize of Special Recognition, for their performance overall. I was so proud of them. Well done!

In conclusion, it was amazing to see the University of Cambridge, and give the Elite Scientists an opportunity to be there, hopefully inspiring them to apply there in the future.

Ms Kapila

Leader of Elite Scientists

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