Would you like to Smell this Postcard?

This was the opening line of the Elite Scientists as they introduced themselves to academics, teachers, students and philanthropists at the Royal Society Partnership Grant Conference 2017 (I told them it's called an attention grabber!).

The day kicked off with a talk by Venki Ramakrishnan (President of The Royal Society, following the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton, and Sir Christopher Wren) on the importance of research in science, followed by a talk from the Young Scientist Journal leader Christina Astin, who talked about the importance of documenting science. Next on the agenda was a talk about the use of machines in our society, such as driver-less cars. The students had to discuss with one another the advantages and disadvantages of driver-less cars. The middle of the day saw all the students giving their talk about the Meteors they had photographed.

This was swiftly followed by the poster reception.

The day was very busy but very enjoyable (interspersed with a lovely lunch and cakes!). Quotes of praise that the students received were "Your school was the best!", "Your students are so cute!" and "Your students did so well, especially when they were on the conveyor belt". We were really proud of the students. On the run-up to the the conference, Helena spent time with the Elite Scientists, training them on the UFO analysis software helping the students to overlay their meteors plus constellations over the theoretical constellations, so that they could map the trajectory of the meteor.

The photograph of the meteor from 20th January 2017, taken with the camera on top of William Perkin High School, was also verified by the UKMON (UK Meteor Observation Network) camera in Wilcott in Newbury. This shows the students the importance of data repeats to produce reliable data. The video at the bottom of the pages shows this meteor. You can clearly see The Plough! Wow!!

Now that the students have produced this beautiful poster (click here to view it), which was printed by The Royal Society for the conference, it can now be used at the Natural History Museum, the Imperial festival 2017, and for the school presentations too. Events like this help the students to grow in their communication skills and in confidence in talking about their science with members of the public. Well done to the Elite Scientists! A special thank you to Helena Bates, from the Natural History Museum who came to support the students, and also to Mr Miall, Head of Science at William Perkin.

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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