Why Has That Expanding Ball Got Elastic Bands Around It?

Well, that’s because it was a model of how the lungs get scarred because of Fibrosis.

Dr Pascal Durrenberger, from University College London came in to talk to the Elite Scientists about his work on lungs. He showed histological photographs of healthy lung tissue and scarred lung tissue. He talked about how different stains are used to highlight different organelles and proteins in the samples. Pascal mentioned the fact that every 5 seconds someone in the world died of air pollution, it was shocking. This then lead to a discussion of what things could be done to reduce air pollution. In addition, Dr Durrenberger showed the students his mask (with particulate filter), to show how grey the particulates made the mask go from all the air pollution. As Pascal’s research background was very varied, the Elite scientists asked questions about the brain research he previously carried out at Imperial College. A very interesting scientist who wore a very interesting apron, I might add!

Pascal’s Scientific Background: Pascal was granted his PhD in clinical medical research at Imperial College London. He has since worked on inflammatory matters in the brain, and participated also in academic activity at Imperial College, London, as a Brain Scientist and Immunologist. His research interest included processes and mechanisms involved in neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration with a particular interest in microglia and astrocyte biology. Today Pascal works on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis at University College, London

Thank-you Pascal! We really enjoyed having you with us!

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