What?! More Funding?!

Yes, Science have done it again! The department has won yet another grant to continue the work with meteor showers!

Last year, the Science department won £3000 from the Royal Society, for the WP Elite Scientists to carry out a research project with Professor Monica Grady on meteor showers.This year, Dr Ashley King from the Natural History Museum, a Planetary Scientist, will be working with the new batch of WP Elite Scientists on meteor showers, working with data from a live camera. Dr King says: "Winning this grant is fantastic news! We're delighted to have the opportunity to work with students at William Perkin school to observe meteors and help answer fundamental questions about how the solar system formed. We can't wait to get started!".

Students will be analysing data from live footage of the meteor showers in the UK, and will be able to track trajectory, speed and origin using special software that the Natural History Museum use. William Perkin will host a permanent CCTV camera that will be pointing up towards the skies, filming all the meteors that shoot above, and the data will feed into a UK database which in turn feeds into a European database. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students of William Perkin, as they will be working with a real life scientist for the next year.

Some of the other activities that the WP Elite Scientists will do apart from data analysis of meteor shower footage, will be: observance of live meteor showers, giving lectures to academics at The Natural History Museum, the Royal Society Conference, and hopefully the Imperial Festival 2017.

Dr King will also be doing a workshop for the whole school on extra-terrestrial rocks, so everyone at William Perkin will have an opportunity to meet him, and find out more about his field of research. This should be an exciting year for the Elite Scientists, investigating UK meteor showers.

Ms Kapila

You can find out more about Dr King and what he does at The Natural History Museum at this Web site:


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