UFO Analysis

Dr Ashley King, and his PhD student Helena Bates, came to William Perkin on Tuesday 24th January to help the Elite Scientists analyse data that the WP Meteor Shower camera had captured, using special software called UFO Analyzer.

They showed how the software orientates and overlays the constellations that are theoretical (yellow) with the actual (blue), so they can pinpoint where the meteors are coming from.

They also got to see footage and shots of meteors, and got to compare that data with non-meteor footage and stills, such as planes and helicopters. The students are currently producing a scientific poster for the Royal Society Partnership Grant Conference 2017, so that they can experience life as a real scientist, talking through their research, via the poster, and talk.

We could also clearly see “The Plough” constellation, with a meteor close by.

The exciting thing was that one of the meteors WP photographed, was matched with the same shot taken by one of UKMON’s (UK Meteor Observation Network) meteor camera, in Wilcot Newbury, which is great as it makes the data reliable and is the kind of thing that students at WP are learning about all the time.

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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