The Royal Society Young Book Prize 2019

What Beautiful Books!

This year, William Perkin Church of England High School, has been chosen to be a school judge of six shortlisted books, from the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2019 competition. We even get to keep the books!

The Elite Scientists will be reading the 6 books in the coming weeks, making notes, and contributing to The Royal Society Young Book Prize 2019 blog, about their thoughts on the books. At the end of their reading time, they will collectively decide on the winning book, and this information will be fed into the Royal Society. After the Royal Society have collated all the data from round the country, the winning author wins £10,000 for their book.

Our students will be producing a video on their journey, and the winning school will win £500 of gift tokens for the students. Happy Reading Elite Scientists!

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists

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