The Royal Society Young Book Prize 2018

Shortlist 2018

William Perkin are one of 350 schools in the country to be selected to read and judge the 6 shortlisted books for the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2018.

The winning author wins £10,000. The great thing is that the young people in the UK get to choose the final winner. This activity is great for their literacy skills, and hopefully gets the students more interested in science. The books get to go in our Science Department library, run by Ms Pearl, so if any of you want to borrow the books, just see her to borrow the 12 previous books from 2016-2017, as the current 6 will only be available from October, after the judging process has ended.

The other great thing is that the Elite Scientists 3.0, who are judging the competition, also get to make a video about their experience and could potentially win £500 worth of book tokens. All the best Elite Scientists 3.0!

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And the Winning Book is...

On Tuesday 11th September 2018, the Elite Scientists voted on their winning book for the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2018 competition.

They decided to make “Optical illusions”, by Gianni A Sarcone and Marie Jo Waeber the winner. The Elite Scientists read the books over a few weeks, wrote their notes and comments, and finally submitted their scores onto a poster.

The results have been submitted to the Royal Society online. William Perkin Church of England High School are one of just over 300 schools to participate as one of the young judging panels. The final result will be announced in November, and the winning author will win £10,000. The students will be making a video on their experience to try and win £500 of book vouchers. Work on this starts on Tuesday 18th September. It’s been really fun for all of them. Comments on some of the books include:

Rayyan, 12, Curiosity the story of a master over: "encapsulating scientific but easy to understand"

Vinu, 13, Women in science: “Very encouraging book for young women”

Camille, 12, Dinosaur Atlas: “Colourful and relatable”

Menahil, 12, Optical illusions: “Lots of activities to expand on knowledge”

The Royal Society donated the books to our school, and they will be in our science library for the students to borrow. This whole experience has been excellent for building their literacy Skills, and further intensify their love for science.

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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