That Rock’s got IRON Written all the way Through!

On Tuesday 6th December Dr Ashley King brought his two PhD students, Helena Bates and Enrika Bonato, to William Perkin in order to lead a session on meteorites.

They gave a talk to the Elite Scientists and gave them the opportunity to deduce whether the rocks they had been given were in fact meteorites or not.

They used magnets and pictures provides by the Natural History Museum to carry out their deduction, performing tasks that the meteorite experts do on a daily basis. After their deductions, the Elite Scientists had to stand up and talk about their findings to the rest of the class, another job the scientists do often.

The meteorites the students were handling were from the Asteroid Belt, and beyond, the Moon, and Mars. It was such a privilege for the students to be handling such specimens.

Meanwhile, Dr King was sorting out a few issues with the meteor shower camera, as it had not been filming over the past week.

Thanks to Helena, Enrika and Ashley for all their time they gave up this week.

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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