Science Update - March 2019

​Take a Deep Breath!

That’s what the students had to do on Tuesday 12th March 2019.

Dr Rebecca Holloway came in and helped the students take their FEV1:FVC ratio, for the lung project. They were using state-of-the-art equipment, to measure these values, the same type that is used in hospitals and clinics. The students had been previously trained how on how to use the spirometers, and they had also created tables for their data, prior to this session. The photo with the six students, with their prize of soil testing kits, won them because their tables were the best, and will subsequently be used in the final poster, that will be presented at Imperial College, to academics and the general public at Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, that will celebrate the bicentenary of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, which is a one off celebration that the students will never forget!

I would like to thank Dr Rebecca Holloway again for all her hard.

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists

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