Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019

​British Cutting-Edge Science

This is what the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019, is all about. This country is bursting full of innovative ideas, inventions and science, across the disciplines. The 25 students, got to see these things early, before they are brought to the public domain.

The kinds of science the students learned about was:How the brain is involved in why we get breathless, Robots involved in hazardous work for humans, and how light can monitor the brain activity of babies, to save the lives of new born infants. Some students got to see a talk called ”Scientists to change the world “. Aysha Raza, one o the WP governors, can to visit us at the exhibition too, it was nice to see her. (see photo with all of us sitting down). The day ended with lunch in St James’s Park, in the Sun, very nice and chilled. Personally, the best part of the day for me, is getting all the freebies I use as prizes for my science lessons! All set for September 2019!!

Ms Anita Kapila

Science Teacher and

Leader of The Elite Scientists

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