Research at Imperial College

Research-mania at Imperial College!

The Elite Scientists spent the day with their science partner, Dr Rebecca Holloway, who arranged an amazing day with different activities, such as a lab tour, looking at macrophage cells under a light and confocal microscopes, the latter of which have images with fluorescent stains.

In the afternoon, the Elite Scientists gave their talk about lung function to a group of academics from Imperial College, which was an amazing experience for them, as they got to act like real scientists, taking questions from the audience afterwards.

Subsequently, the students got to have a tour of Imperial College by a business studies MA student called Peace, which was varied, and showed the students what university life was like.

We had a nice photo opportunity by the Royal Albert Hall (see below), then the day ended with a talk by Tankut Guney on his PhD work on modelling airways. What was very interesting, was that his research had come to an end because his PhD thesis needed to be written, but he mentioned that another new phD student was taking over the project.

A really lovely, stimulating day. Thank you to Dr Rebecca Holloway, Dr Juho Vuononvirta, soon to be Dr Tankut Guney, and Dr Dhiren Patel and Peace for making our day a joy!

Ms Kapila
Leader of The Elite Scientists

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