Quadrantid Meteors and UKMON Come Flying into WP!

Wednesday 4th January 2017 saw 15 Elite Scientists count in 19 Quadrantid Meteors, which came from asteroid 2003 EH1. These meteors emanate from the bottom of the Big Dipper.

The group was observing from 10.00pm until midnight in the freezing cold, and had hot chocolate at the end to warm up! It started off cloudy then cleared beautifully, allowing the perfect conditions for the observance.

Thanks you to Ms Yarde, Ms. Gledhill, and Mr Miall for supporting the meteor shower.

Wednesday 10th January 2017 saw Peter Campbell-Burns, from UKMON (UK Meteor Observation Network), come an give a talk to the Elite Scientists about the network, and how William Perkin will be part of that same network, soon to be sharing their meteor data around the world.

He also spoke about how the different cameras help track the trajectory of the meteors from around the country. It’s all very exciting!

Special Thank you to Mr Kelly, for assistance with trouble shooting the Meteor Shower Camera and associated IT issues, Dr Ashley King, Enrika Bonato, Helena Bates, from The Natural History Museum, Peter Campbell-Burns and Peter Kacerek (UKMON), for all their assistance with going on the roof and sorting out the camera too!

Ms Anita Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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