​​Natural History Museum Comes to William Perkin

Dr Ashley King, from The Natural History Museum, came into William Perkin to talk to Years 7, 8 and 9, in order to give them an opportunity to work with him on a project on Meteor showers.

He spoke about the work that he does at the Museum, Mars Curiosity Lander, Apollo Missions on the Moon, and how useful they’ve been, comets, meteors, and the project that will be carried out at William Perkin.

15 fortunate students across the year groups will get a chance to carry out a special project on meteor showers, working with data from a live camera. Students will be analysing data from live footage of the meteor showers in the UK, and will be able to track trajectory, speed and origin, using special software that the Natural History Museum use. William Perkin will host a permanent CCTV camera that will be pointing up towards the skies, filming all the meteors that shoot above, and the data will feed into a UK database which in turn feeds into a European database.

We want to thanks Dr King for his talk, and look forward to seeing the new Elite Scientists in action with him, and other academics at The Natural History Museum.

Ms Anita Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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