Meteor Scientists Analyse Data for Natural History Museum

Meteor scientists have been analysing all the meteor data uploaded from the school computer, captured by our camera on the roof of the school. All the data they hone each month will go up on Twitter by Dr Ashley King from The Natural History Museum, which goes round the world, via their contacts, and UKMON (UK Meteor Observation Network). The students are learning how real scientists work, when they trawl through data, and can therefore put on their CV, job, college and university applications, that their data analysis results goes up on Twitter via The Natural History Museum.

Clear Skies!!

Picture Above: January 2018 Meteors from William Perkin!!

Picture Above: Well done to these scientists: Hiya, Katherine, Lisowski, Amara, Gabriela, Danilczyk, Mehrzad and Noor.

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Natural History Museum Visits Meteor Analysers

On May 1st 2018, Dr Ashley King, from The Natural History Museum came to see the 6 Meteor Scientists from year 7, who have been analysing data from the meteor database.

Every week the students have been coming to trawl through the data, hoping to see meteors and the odd fireball. We have yet to see a fireball, but we have seen plenty of meteors. Dr King did a little talk on meteors, meteorites, asteroids, planets, and different space missions. The students were very enthusiastic, and asked a variety of questions to Dr King, such as what are meteors, and what comprises a planet.

The data that the meteor scientists collate go to Dr King at the museum, and he then puts our data on Twitter, which has an audience of many thousands of scientists around the World.

Well done to you all, and thank you to Dr King for coming in.

Ms Kapila

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