Mathematics that Makes our Brain Ache!

Tuesday 31st October saw Dr. Ashley King, from the Natural History Museum come and do some specialised mathematics using formulas, such as: nλ=2dsinθ. This formula enabled the students to work out the mystery minerals from the data given.

They also had to use another equation to work out the composition of different minerals using this equation:

Mineral counts = Mineral (abundance wt%)
Standard counts Standard (abundance wt%)

The latter calculation links in directly with the work the students do in Key Stage 4 Chemistry lessons, with regards to moles and empirical formula. The Elite Scientists handled the questions they were given very well, and got all the answers correct!

It was a wonderful evening, giving further insight into the work that Dr King and his team do on ground up meteorites at the Natural History Museum, where the team have to use these formulae to help distinguish between space and terrestrial rock. Thank-you Dr King!

Ms Anita Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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