• Lung Workshop by Dr Rebecca Holloway

Lung Workshop by Dr Rebecca Holloway

Tuesday 30th April saw Dr Rebecca Holloway, COPD expert (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), from Imperial College, give an excellent talk and lung dissection in the Performance Centre. It was a brilliant afternoon, each student received a free gift for coming.

They all enjoyed Rebecca’s talk and dissection, and were able to ask questions of her thereafter. More than 90 students across the year groups, years 7 to 12, attended which was wonderful! The lung dissection was gory but interesting, and lots of students wanted to touch them, using gloves of course, which was great!

Rebecca’s talk was really interesting. She spoke about her background and the research she used to do into green mucus, mmmmm, lovely! I have heard her say that she used to feel quite hungry when she worked with these samples, errrr, I don’t see it personally! Thank you to all the students who came, including The Elite Scientists. This experience will be good for their CVs, as it shows that they are interested in extra-curricular activities. It is also very good for those students entering any kind of career in science in general.

Usually the Elite Scientists work weekly with Rebecca, but we endeavour to share our lead scientists with the wider community of the school. Incidentally, please print off this article, as evidence for your portfolios, which will be useful for job, College and University interviews.

Thank you to Dr Rebecca Holloway for all her time and energy. Also thank you to Matt and the team for the tech help, and lastly thank you to The facilities team for setting up their Performance Centre.

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists

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  • Lung Workshop by Dr Rebecca Holloway

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