Life on Other Planets

Professor Monica Grady discusses: “Is there life on other Planets?”

The whole of William Perkin High School had the opportunity to see Professor Monica Grady talk about whether there was life on other planets, and what possible factors could lead to life being produced in the first place, like the lightning struck primordial soup. Around 72 students attended the event. She was stimulating and engaging.

The event kicked off with a scientific lecture style talk, followed by questions by students in the audience. Thereafter Professor Grady allowed students to hold an array of different meteorites, varying in mass and shape.

Students were then allowed to actually touch rocks from Mars and The Moon! Some students were in awe saying “I’ve touched Mars and the Moon!”

A microscope was used to look at samples of asteroids too. Many students also got her autograph, which they will treasure. It was a real honour and privilege to have Professor Grady come and give this workshop.

Professor Monica Grady is famous for the Philae Mission. Philae is the name of the lander that landed on Comet 67P. She made the headlines for her exuberant expression of the news that Philae had landed in the Summer of 2015: She is Head of Space and Planetary Sciences at The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Special thanks goes to Professor Monica Grady, The Royal Society for funding the workshop, Ms. Kapila, and The William Perkin Elite Scientists.

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