Interactive or What?!

On Tuesday 12th November, Kwaku Duah-Asante, came from Imperial College, to give a talk on the blood pressure project that the Elite Scientists will be doing over the next academic year.

The talk kicked off with a little bit about Kwaku’s background, his education and what he is currently studying at Imperial. He also then went into a highly interactive discussion about different aspects of blood pressure.

The students had done research in advance to have their answers ready for Kwaku. They had worked really hard on their research, and this was evident, with their fantastic quick moving discussion that they had with Kwaku.

I’m really proud of the Year 8 students for all the hard work that they are doing the Kwaku. I’m very grateful to Kwaku for all the hard work that he is putting into our school and our students. Well done to all.

Ms Kapila
Science Teacher
Leader of Elite Scientists

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