Imperial Festival 2016

It finally arrived, and it was an amazing event. The Elite Scientists did a fantastic job, talking through their work with members of the public of all ages. They showcased activities such as “How do you test for meteorites?”, constellation tent, and make your own diffraction grated glasses. They had a great time too!

As well as working on the stall they were also able to look at the cutting edge research of other scientists and engineers. Each student was rated on their skills of communication, which gave a competitive edge to the event, as well as helping us track footfall, which was around 500 for the two whole days for our stand alone. It was a real pleasure to see their confidence grow over the weekend, and they made me proud!

Imperial 1

We had a special surprise client, and his name was Neil Monteiro, who actually designed the Exscitec kits we use in Space Core Elective at William Perkin, and used as prizes at the Festival. Another guest was Steven Simpson, from The Royal Society. The Royal Society funded the whole project and Imperial Festival (£3,249), it was great to see them there. They gave us a brilliant poster for our stall too.

Imperial 3

An extra bonus was Rafa’s dad (Professor Davison) taking us to see his lab area where they work on robots, such as the Dyson automatic hoover, yes, you heard it here first, a hoover that does not need a person to operate it! I like the sound of that!

Imperial 2

Thank you to all the staff that came to help: Mr Ratcliff, Ms Gledhill, Ms Valdez, Mr Santos, and Mrs Taccuso. We really appreciated your assistance. Also thanks to all the other staff that came and supported the event, it was lovely to see you all.

Ms Anita Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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