How Many Scientists?!

Elite Scientists go to Imperial College for a fun-packed day, filled with Science

The day started with an introductory talk by Dr Rebecca Holloway, followed by 2 academic sessions on lung research projects, by 2 scientists: Dr Dhiren Patel, who works on Neutrophils and their effects on bacteria, and Dr Frank Puttur, who does research on lungs using confocal microscopy.

Students were mesmerised by the talks. Thereafter, the students gave their presentation to a room full of academic scientists, (hence the title!) from Imperial College, and entertained some questions from them. The students did amazingly well, and did the school proud.

The afternoon saw Dr Jorge Bernardino de la Serna, give a communication about his work at Imperial College. Dr De la Serna, will be working with the Elite Scientists on their stall at the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, which celebrates the bicentenary of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert‘s birthdays. The day ended with a tour, by one of the Chemistry undergraduates at Imperial. Her name was Michelle and it transpired she was also a presidents ambassador, and she did a brilliant job. Thank you to Dr Rebecca Holloway and all the staff at Imperial College for arranging a fantastic day for all the Elite Scientists. Lastly thank you to Mrs Vaughan for accompanying me on the Trip 😀 what a great day!

Ms Kapila
Leader of The Elite Scientists

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