How do you become a Medical Professional?

That was one of the questions being answered at a scientific talk by Dr Robin Poston.

Dr Robin Poston is a medical doctor who works with Barts Hospital and William Harvey Research Institute, part of Queen Mary University of London. Although he is retired, he keeps going strong, working at these two places, giving talks at different academic establishments, such as Universities. He gave a very varied talk on different routes into the medical profession and spoke about the various jobs he had done over the years including teaching at Guys dental hospital.

The whole event was videoed by our Technical wizard: Michael Lee-Woolley, so it could be shared on Copia, so if you’d like to catch-up, you can.

Robin also talked about the drug research on COVID-19 that he has been working with, what constitutes healthy living (e.g. exercise and healthily eating), and blood pressure. Question time followed the talk where the students asked some really interesting questions.

Such an amazing talk!! Thanks so much Robin!

Also, thank you to Michael Lee-Woolley, Robyn Ryan, Gill Rezard, Lynette Abesamis, and also to Ms Kapila for organising the talk.

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