Hot Summer

Summer 2

24 William Perkin students went to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2016, to see cutting edge science displayed by the UK's top scientists, such as:

  • spider silk protein to synthesize "cartilage-like" replacements for knees
  • plastic carrier bag polymers to make replacement joints
  • synthetic diamond sheets as super conductors of heat.
  • how certain genes can affect the shape of leaves

Summer 3

The students really enjoyed the experience. These are some of the things they said they had learned...

  • How antimatter is detected
  • How quantum mechanics helps photosynthesis
  • 6.7 million people die of stroke every year
  • Only female mosquitos bite people
  • Composition of Comet 67P : Carbon Dioxide, Metanol, Sulphur Dioxide, water and Carbon Monoxide.
  • The length of polymer affects its strength

..and these are some of their comments about the day:

  • Sherif : "The love of science has overflown me"
  • Imaan: "It's really worthwhile, and I truly felt enlightened"
  • Aya: "I think this trip was perfect, it was magic, I've learned alot of new things"
  • Amadea: "This is the best science place to go ever! Every corner you turn has a a surprise awaiting you!"

Summer 1

On the way in we had a bit of a surprise, as we met John Skehel, a fellow of the Royal Society, and Professor Emeritas at the Francis Crick Institute who has provided major insights into the molecular basis of how viruses recognise and infect their host cells. As he was passing them by, he told them the story about the Giro the dog (buried near the Royal Society), that belonged to the German Ambassador, Leopold Von Hoesch.

A fantastic day!

Ms. Kapila
William Perkin CofE High School

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