• Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, Here we Come!

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, Here we Come!

The Elite Scientists have an amazing opportunity to have a stall at the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, on 29th and 30th June 2019. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Usually, William Perkin Elite Scientists are blessed enough to present their scientific data at the Imperial Festival (and always the only school in the country to do this!). However, this year more than 20 establishments including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum, to name but a few, will be participating in this big festival, which is celebrating the bicentenary of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. There won’t be another celebration like it for another hundred years! So this really is a prestigious event.

The Elite scientists will be presenting their research findings for the project: “Does the A40 affect the lung function of students?”. Dr Jorge Bernadino de la Serna is a lung scientist at the National Heart and Lung Institute, and senior lecturer at Imperial College, will be joining the students on the stall at the festival. Dr Rebecca Holloway has been working with the students since October, and is still working with them, however, she will not be present at the festival, as she has a summer outreach program that she is involved in, at the University. James Romero is one of the main organizers of the Festival, and he came to our school, with Jorge, and Rebecca, to tell the students what the Festival entails.

The students cannot wait to get involved in this festival!! It will exercise many gifts within them: such as: communication, presentation, and team playing skills. They will relay their work in a very hands-on way, using their scientific knowledge and abilities. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which will look excellent on their CVs for college university and jobs.

Please come along and have some hands-on Science and Creative fun, at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June 2019. The event brings together the Arts and Science, as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert intended, just under 200 years ago.

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists

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  • Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, Here we Come!

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