Founders Day 2018

Faaaaaaaantastic Founders Day: Medicine, Mind and Molecules

Friday 11th May was Founders Day, the day our school was Founded in 2013. On this day many personnel come into share their expertise and research with all the students. All day, the different scientists did varied interesting workshops and activities with the students, such as looking at prepared tissues used in research, down microscopes by a group at University College, an activity based on parasites called Escape Room from a group at the Crick Institute, and a brainwave activity from Nottingham University.

In addition, the Air Ambulance were in with a mobile unit, full of controls, that the students could come and look at, to see what happens during an emergency. The table below shows all the different activities and workshops done on the day. Scientists came from all over the UK, such as a child psychiatrist from Great Ormond Street, Dr Uttom Chaudhary. It was wonderful to see all the students getting involved with hands-on science.

The Elite Scientists led 2 workshops, with Dr Rebecca Holloway, and did a sterling job leading 5 lung related activities that they did at The Imperial Festival 2018. The day was very full, each student attended 3 workshops and 1 keynote speech, given by ether Professor Sara Rankin, or Lord Robert Winston. They talked about Pharmacology (drug mechanisms) of stem cells and reproductive science respectively.

Both talks were very insightful and interesting. We would like to thank Professor Rankin, Lord Winston and all our other guests (listed in the table below), for all their time and expertise. We are all very grateful, and hope to continue working with you in the future.

Lastly, we would also like to thank Mr Science: Mr Miall for doing most of the organising, Mr Martin and Mr Barnsley for stepping in whilst Mr Miall was on paternity leave and our lovely staff at William Perkin who all helped out on the day!

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