Dr Zita Martins Visits William Perkin

What would you have done if you weren't a a Scientist?

This was one on the many wonderful questions the Year 8 students asked Dr Zita Martins, Astrobiologist, from Imperial College. Dr Martins came to William Perkin on Thursday 12th January 2017 to do a Q & A session with the Year 8 Science Elective group.

The afternoon kicked off with the students researching Dr Martin's background and formulating questions to ask her. Thereafter, it was down to the Performance Centre to hear the Retro Elite Scientists talk about their project, carried out with Professor Monica Grady: Shooting Stars: Colour, Contrast and Composition, which they had already given at The Royal Society Conference, Oxford University, and Imperial Festival 2016. The latter of which was only possible because Dr Martins allowed us to apply via her department at Imperial College.

Next, it was the Q & A. The students asked lots of wonderful questions about Astrobiology, and Dr Martin's career path, such as "What would you do if you found out that other planets had extra-terrestrial life?", "Who supported you whilst you were pursuing your career?", "Were there any people who opposed your choice of career?"

We have a lot to thanks Dr Martins for, because as well as The Imperial Festival 2016, she also put us in touch with Dr Ashley King from The Natural History Museum, who is now working with The Elite Scientists 2.0, funded by The Royal Society.

I would like to thank Dr Zita Martins for all her time offered to us, Mr Miall for creating the resources for the session, and Mr Palamarchuk for setting up the Performance Centre, and the Tech Team for helping with the sound and lighting.

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists
William Perkin CofE High School

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