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The Elite Scientists had a special “Interruption” to their Brain project. Richard Kacerek and Vera Nesvadbova, from UKMON (UK Meteor Observation Network), came to discuss an APP, that would record meteors seen by people, in real time. UKMON were explaining what they wanted their APP to do, and asked the students for their thoughts and ideas on making it accessible to young people, in addition to other age groups.

Ideas that the students came up with were:

No username and password

Make it both child and adult friendly

Keep it free

Link in the Educational aspects

Have adverts to fund the APP to make it free

Make sure that the APP gets good reviews, so the APP, is at the top of the list for use.

It was an amazing session where the ideas flowed from the Elite Scientists. Richard and Vera were really impressed and complimentary about their input. Well done All!

You can also read the article Ricahrd Kacerek wrote here:


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  • Apptastic!

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