3D Lung Science

3D Lung Science by Dr Tankut Guney Imperial College

On Tuesday 12th February Dr Tankut Guney, rom Imperial College, came to give a special talk about his research in 3D modelling of chronic lung disease. It was a very stimulating talk, and it felt like we were transported to a lecture theatre at Imperial College.

The students got to find out what was involved in doing a PhD, and what it was like to work as a real scientist. We thank Dr Guney for visiting the Elite Scientists to share his science by giving his talk, and answering the student’s questions. We also thank Dr Rebecca Holloway, who comes every few weeks to assist the students in their current research project on lung function, and who also organized Dr Guney to come over to see us.

We want to also take the opportunity to congratulate Dr Guney on his recent PhD , and wish him all the best In Munich with his Postdoctoralship.

Ms Kapila
Leader of the Elite Scientists

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Wow! What a big lung capacity you have!

On Tuesday 26th of February, the students got to see how the spirometers work, and how to subsequently deal with the data after it’s been collected Firstly, the students have to create a table for all the data of the students, secondly, they will have to collate all the lung function data from the students, into the table over the coming weeks. Thirdly, the students will have to get a mean of the lung function data for each student, and create a poster presentation for their day out at Imperial College in May, and the IRIS (Institute for Research In Schools) conference In July. It is hoped that the students will also present their findings at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, South Kensington, which is a massive festival that includes Imperial College, V&A, Science and Natural History Museum. There will be other museums involved to. It will mark the bicentenary of the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and takes inspiration from the Prince’s vision for the area as a dedicated centre for research, learning and creativity. Every year William Perkin Church of England High School Elite scientists, have participated in the Imperial Festival. They have been the only school in the country involved, so here’s hoping that they will participate in this festival too!!

Finally we want to thank the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers that have given us £1000 towards this project. Thank –you!

Photos: Dr Tankut Guney giving his talk, student measuring their lung function using a spirometer, students measuring height and weight, in anticipation of measuring their lung function data over the coming weeks.

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