Head Teachers Highlights - July 2015

It is with great pleasure that I write to you at the end our second year at William Perkin. This year we have achieved and celebrated so many wonderful things – the most significant being the Ofsted inspection that recognised us as an Outstanding school. So I wanted to share the highlights of the year with you all.

As always, the highlights at William Perkin start with our students and staff. Each year we make the grand assertion we believe that it is the commitment to the education of the whole child that will ensure Twyford Trust schools are both distinctive and outstanding. There is no point in developing students who achieve highly in GCSE and A-level exams but who lack compassion, do not understand their role in community and are unable to work collaboratively. We are very fortunate to have a team of students and staff who are also committed to this vision. As we reflect upon the year that has passed you will remember numerous examples of us achieving the balance between personal development and academic success – a key theme that runs through our Ofsted report.

At the beginning of the year, I shared with you our goal which was ‘to maintain the standards achieved in the first year as we doubled in size both in terms of numbers of students and staff.’ Thanks to the complete commitment of our new team of staff and students, well mentored by our existing staff and students, we have achieved far more than maintaining the standards. We have surpassed them considerably and we should be very proud of this.

Central to our success has been the strength of our ethos that is confidently Christian but open and inclusive to all. The William Perkin community lives out our values enshrined in the 10:10 ethic on a daily basis through the William Perkin Etiquette – a way of being that allows us to lead positive and polite lives with a strong commitment to service. It is always a moving moment for me when we all come together as a community for assemblies and communions our morning tutor times and in our PHSE workshops.

Our specialisms in Science and Languages also play a significant role in widening and deepening the experiences of our students. We have had science speakers who thrilled and frightened students with dangerous snakes and spiders and wowed them with the evolution stories of exotic bugs. So much so that the visitor was named ‘The Bug Man’! We now have our first school pets – the axolotls – and many of you know I would like the second pet to be a school donkey but I think the science department have beaten me to it and our next pet, or pets, is going to be a hive of bees. Mrs Lloyd, our safeguarding officer, is yet to be convinced! The languages department and the language reps have achieved so much this year winning French spelling competitions, teaching 3 languages in year 8, fascinating us with our international greeting of the week, running the TAFAL course and wowing us with the remarkable French adaptation of ‘La Lumiere Trek’: a play spoken throughout in French about our friends on The Starship Enterprise.

As well as our specialisms, the school community has a deep commitment to delivering and enjoying Extended Elective opportunities in a range of areas. You will have been treated to performances from our musical students during the year and will be proud by the progress they have made. We have also made great strides in our sporting success with the girls leading the way with some dominant netball victories. Recently the boys’ cricket teams have experienced the joy of victory in their fixtures and there is much promise for the future as our new Head of Sport joins us in September and we start on our new £1.3 million sports development project. Yesterday’s Sports Day was an absolute triumph with a variety of events including Long Jump, Tug-of-War and many more. Congratulations to Watson House – the overall winner!

‘Intelligent engagement with wider world’ is our motto and our students are always up for the challenges of representing their community, whether it is campaigning for the introduction of the living wage, challenging local MP Steve Pound over the detention of migrants into the UK or representing our Citizens Organising group at the Houses of Parliament. The House Enterprise Days and other fundraising events such as Sponsored Walk are amazing events that prove to me what a lot of fun it is at William Perkin and just how generous our students and their families are in support of their chosen national charities.

So let’s finish where we began…there is no point students having fun and involving themselves with the wider life of the school without each child realising that they must maximise the academic ability they have and doing their best!

Perhaps this is my favourite photo that we take each year. It shows our students in their end of year exam week – look at the concentration and focus they display and you know how much they commit to their lesson prep and homework throughout their year in preparing themselves for these exams.In short the results are excellent, Ofsted confirmed this proving that fun, personal development and success are of course achievable.

Thank you for all of your commitment to the school. I hope you all have a wonderful Summer Break!

Kindest Regards,

Mr Smith

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