Head Teachers End of Term Letter - Summer 2017

Dear William Perkin Parents and Carers,

It is with very great sadness that I write to you at the end of this school year.

I am looking, as always, at a full list of activities and experiences that our students have taken part in, at their achievements, and the awards and compliments given to them and to the school.I hope you will forgive me if I do not dwell on these in detail, for at this time our school community is brought together more in sorrow than joy.

We must take the opportunity though to note wonderful events such as the official opening of our new sports pavilion our ‘Centre for Youth Sport Development’; Founder’s Day when we were privileged to welcome our special guest, Dame Joycelyn Bell; the excellent performances of our students in the school production “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”; the enthusiasm of students and staff during our sponsored walk and the wide range of experiences available to years 7 to 9 in Activities week and the work experience undertaken by Year 10.These have been highlights of the term and I am thankful to have dedicated staff and enthusiastic and hardworking students who confidently ‘live life to the full’ and make the best out of all the opportunities presented to them.

You will know only too well how hard your children have been working for their Q4 assessments, and I trust that your meetings with form tutors was positive and productive.For those who were disappointed with certain results, our message is always that this is something to learn from. We challenge the students to find ways of improving the next time whether that be adding more detail, checking work thoroughly or by practising skills learnt and using knowledge gained.I hope our parent-school partnership will always be one where we work together to support your children, our students, become confident and successful adults who ‘intelligently engage with the wider world.’

We value individual achievements greatly and will celebrate them as usual in the Awards evening and end of term celebration assemblies. We also celebrate the work of those staff leaving us as they continue their lives and careers elsewhere….My grateful thanks go to them all!

The tragic event of 2 weeks ago is one which no family or school ever want to experience.The safety of children and students is of the upmost importance to us all.May I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for Karan, for his devastated family and for students and staff affected by his untimely passing.I would like to thank our students, particularly those in Year 8, for their prayers and thoughtful response. If you feel we can help you to support them in any way, please let us know.

May I wish you all health and happiness during the next 6 weeks of summer holiday, with the prayer that all our students will return to us safely in September.

Students should return as follows:

Year 7 on Tuesday 5th September at 9:30am and all other years on Wednesday 6th September at 8:00am.

With very best wishes

Mr Keir Smith


Miss Hartley (Science Technician), Miss Jermy (Maths), Miss Wilkinson (Cover Supervisor), Miss Vanderveer (English), Mr Macdonald (PE), Mr Harrison (PE), Ms Paterson English), Mr Santos (Science) and Father John Seymour.

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