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This year William Perkin is taking part in the BBC's School Report project. Pupils from schools all over the country create news reports and post them on their school's website. The BBC then add the school to an interactive map on their site (link below) enabling the public to view the reports produced by schools in their area. BBC School Report Site.

William Perkin Headlines from Thursday 16th March 2017

Refugee Action in Ealing

William Perkin High School has been exploring how our community can help to tackle the refugee crisis:


The view that society has on the news has developed rapidly over the past decade, with the meteoric rise of smartphones and social media. However, the amount of news that is not reliable or fake has increased at the same rate as social media. The one big challenge for students and teachers alike is navigating their way through this vast field of news and differentiating between real and fake. In this video we will be exploring what sources students think is genuine, as well as getting some expert insight to help the community know what is real and what is fake.

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