Inside Our School

The First Classrooms Being Built - February 2013


Inside One of the Classrooms - March 2013

Inside Classroom

Inside One of the Classrooms - July 2013

Inside 12

Inside 13

Our Brand New Science Lab & Art Barn - December 2013

Science Lab

Art Barn

This Area will Become our 750-seat Performance Centre - May 2013

Performance Centre

The Floor Being Laid in the Performance Centre - August 2013

Indside 16

Now Look at Our Performance Centre! - November 2013


This Area will Become our Sports Hall - April 2013

Inside 15

Now Look at Our Sports Hall! Lines Being Painted by Hand! - August 2013

Inside 14

The View Down 'The Street' (this runs through the whole ground floor!) - May 2013

The Street

The Start of the Main Staircase (this will go up to the top floor!) - May 2013


The Main Staircase - December 2013


Centre Point 3

Centre Point 2

A Central Point in the School - April 2013

Heart of the School

The Central Point - December 2013

School Centre

Centre Point

A View from the Top Floor - April 2013

View From Top Floor

This Area will Become our Cafeteria from 2014 - February 2013

Dining Area

A Large Source of Daylight to Feed a Light Well Down to the Ground Floor - April 2013

Inside Light Well

A View of The Light Well from the First Floor - December 2013

Light Well

An External View of the Light Well - April 2013

Outside Light Well

The View from the Roof (look can see The Shard!) - April 2013

View From Roof

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