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The first Year 7 Assembly took place on Wednesday 11th September 2013, led by Mrs McEwen and with welcome music performed by our own students.

Assembly 3

Assembly 1

Assembly 2

Students received the first edition of their school newsletter: The Perkin Post on Thursday 24th October 2013.

Perkin Post 1

Perkin Post 2

Copies of The Perkin Post can be found here.

On Wednesday 6th November 2013, selected students visited The Houses of Parliament as part of a community service initiative through Citizens Organising UK.


On Monday 11th November 2013, The Revd. Dr John Seymour led William Perkin Staff and Students in an Act of Remembrance. There was also a reading from a student, a 2-minute silence and music lead by Mr Francis.


Tuesday 12th November 2013 saw the Ealing 'Your Life You Choose' team lead an Anti-Crime Day at William Perkin. Students learned about Youth Offending Service, the Magistrates System, the Police Service, the Prison Service and Victim Support Resources. At the end of the day they came together to share their learning experiences with the YLYC Leaders.




Students have also been re-enacting The Battle of Hastings as part of their History lessons!

Hastings 1

Hastings 2

On Monday 16th December 2013, some of the partitions came down to reveal more of our beautiful school building - here is the reaction from our students...


School 1



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