Online Resources for Staff, Students and Parents

We offer two systems - Copia and Go4Schools - which enable staff, students and parents to access a wide range of school information over the internet. We encourage all parents to use both Copia and Go4Schools to help them support their child's learning. To view a guide introducing Copia and Go4Schools and to find out how to access the systems, please click here:

Introduction to Copia and Go4Schools (PDF 600Kb)

You can also view a guide to viewing attendance and conduct data here:

Copia Attendance and Conduct Guide (PDF 1.2Mb)

... and a Help/FAQ document which will help you overcome common problems and tell you where to get more help with the system here:

Copia FAQ (PDF 200Kb)

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Copia provides online access to a growing range of information and resources including details of the school's curriculum and assessment arrangements, calendars and, for parents, links to systems providing details of your child's attendance, conduct and grades.

Some areas of Copia are still under development.

Please follow this link to access Copia

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Go4Schools provides access to online assessment records, grade sheets and school reports.

Please follow this link to access Go4Schools

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Student & Staff Email

Students and Staff can access their email by clicking here.

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