8 December 2015

The Royal Society

William Perkin is now an Associate School of The Royal Society

Some recent good news means that William Perkin has become an Associate School of The Royal Society.

The Associate Schools and Colleges scheme is a UK network of enthusiastic teachers who share their experience and work with The…

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18 November 2015

Leonid Meteor Shower

Is That a Shooting Star, or is it Mr Miall's Torch?

"It’s the funniest sight I've ever seen!" Mr Miall exclaimed as he came to the top of Ivinghoe Beacon, Dunstable, with Professor Monica Grady.

The reason: 15 Elite Scientists lying on the grass (on just a ground sheet to avoid the sheep…

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14 September 2015

Shooting Stars

Reaching for the Shooting Stars in the Science Department

The William Perkin Science Department has won a prestigious Royal Society Partnership Grant of £3,000 for 25 students to work alongside Professor Monica Grady, of The Open University, Planetary and Space Science Dept.

Ms Kapila,…

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1 October 2012

External Progress

Follow the building progress through all weather!

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2 January 2012

Architectural Visuals

We hope you enjoy viewing the architectural visuals as much as we did during the planning process of the building.

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