Wow! So this is what it is like to be an Undergraduate student at University.  

On Friday 17 May, the Elite Scientists visited Imperial College to present their findings of their project "The effect of various activities on the brainwave patterns of Year 7-9 students”. They elicited a lot of courage to do this!! Well done! Some lovely comments were made about the student's talk, such as “They are really amazing, no really I mean it- amazing!”, “ you all speak with confidence”, and “ so good you know about scientific investigations, and the terms like reliability and accuracy”.  The academic audience were very impressed with the students, and asked the students lots of questions, which they answered well. I was very proud of the students.  

The students had a great day attending the following activities: 

Well done to everyone! Just to add, whilst we there, we bumped into an ex WP student, and ex Elite Scientist Hasti, who is in his 3/4 year doing Aeronautical Engineering, impressive!  He stopped and talked with the students about his course, which was lovely.  At the end Rebecca, spoke about applying to university, then Daisy and Jane spoke about their experience as an undergraduate at Imperial College.  

The next trip will be to The Great Exhibition Road Festival,15-16 June Festival 2024.  

Thank you  to: Dr Rebecca Speakman for organising the day. For Daisy Xia, Jane Chambers for the tours and talks.  Dr Clara Cieza-Borrella, our Science Partner from Saint George's University, Dr Iryna Benilova from University College, London, out on the ground Science Partner.

Thank you to The Royal Society for giving us a Royal Society Partnership Grant of £2997.60.  Also, thank you to the Armourers and Brazers for giving us a grant of £1000.  

Finally, thank you to Ms Anita Kapila for organising the trip and Divya Vyas for accompanying us on it.