On Tuesday 5 of December, Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could continue collecting data for their project: " The Effect of various activities on the Brainwave Patterns of students".  The students were able to connect their Mynband headset, upload the file, and analyse their data in Excel, so that they could see the majority wave, when they were calm, and when they were doing various activities.   This week they recorded their brainwaves whilst bouncing a ping pong ball on a bat for 3 minutes, and colouring in the pictures from the "Visualising Dementia Research" from Alzheimer's Research UK, for 3 minutes,.  The students worked really hard, pushing through difficulties with pairing, and recording, so well done to them!  Although it was a slow process of getting the data, it was also fun!  Next session will be after the student’s Q2 week on Tuesday 19 December, so they can continue to collect data.  They will see the effect of computer games, and walking on the spot, on their brainwave patterns.In anticipation of the Elite Scientists attending The Royal Society Conference 2024, on Wednesday 6 March, a poster of the work done so far, has been submitted along with a scientific abstract and hands on activity proposal with risk assessment.  Very exciting times ahead. We also thank The Royal Society for the grant of £2997.60 to do the project in addition to  The Armourers and Brasiers for their grant of £1000.