Is it paired yet?


This was the common question asked 

on Tuesday 27th of November, when Dr Iryna  Benilova, came to be with the Elite Scientists, to help them  pair  their Myndband headsets, with their computers, so that they could start their project: " The Effect of various activities on the Brainwave Patterns of students".  The students were able to connect their Mynband headset, upload the file, and analyse their data in Excel, so that they could see the majority wave, when they were calm, and when they were doing various activities.   This week they recorded their Basal reading, and brainwaves whilst reading the same text from "Visualising Dementia Research", from Alzheimer's Research UK.

Our other exciting news will be for 6 of the Elite Scientists to attend The Royal Society Conference 2024, which will be on Wednesday 6 March!   Only the partnership grant winners can apply to be at the conference, so it is a real  privilege for some of the students to go.   

We thank Dr.Iryna  Benilova from University College, London for working with the students, and for Dr. Clara Cieza-Borella, for being our Science Partner.  

We also thank The Royal Society for the grant of £2997.60 to do the project in addition to  The Armourers and Brasiers for their grant of £1000.  


Ms Kapila

Science Teacher and 

Leader of the Elite Scientists