Elite Scientists project kicks off!

Tuesday 31 October 2023, saw Dr Iryna Benilova from University College London in collaboration with Saint Georges, University of London, came and give an introduction into the brainwaves project. The Elite Scientists were very eager to find out more about this project.  The session started with the students researching questions on the brain, and brainwave patterns.  They also found out what the different brainwaves were for, and what affected them.  Very interesting, as it fits in with everyday life, their learning, exams and wellbeing.  Dr Benilova gave gave a brilliant presentation, on the brain, brainwave patterns, and  an explanation of the data that she came up with, whilst playing a memory game and reading a French book.  Dr Benilova also talked about the project in more detail ( having experimented at home with tbe brain set).  The students will be investigating "The effect of various activities on  tbe brainwave patterns of Year 7-9 students ". It was wonderful to see Dr. Benilova, and we look forward to her coming in for other sessions, at times with our Royal Society Science Partner, Dr.Clara Cieza-Borella of Saint Georges, University of London.  The project will run until June next year.

We thank Dr Iryna Benilova, Dr Clara Cieza/Borella, for all their time and effort with these projects. Thank you!  We also want to thank The Royal Society for the grant of  £2997.60, and also The Armourers and Brasiers who have given us £1000, without whose help we would not be able to do this project.  

Ms Kapila

Science Teacher and Leader of Elite Scientists