What's a Prion? 

This was one of the interesting things that was addressed at the Lauch of the Elite Scientists, Tuesday 10 October.  We learn about Kreutzfeldt, Jakob disease, and how it impacted the world community, and we learned about Dr Benilova's research into Prion disease. You can read more here: 


Dr Iryna Benilova, our on the ground scientist our Saint George's collaborator, from University College , London, came to speak about her science journey, and launch the annual Elite Scientists programme. 

It was a really exciting talk, outlining the upcoming project which will be on "The Effect of various activities on the Brainwave patterns of Year 7-9 students". The project this year is being funded mainly by the The Royal Society, and in part by the  Armourers and Brasiers.    

We can't wait to find out what activities focus or relax students. The different activities include: walking, drawing, reading and playing computer games.  

The students get to work with Dr. Benilova and Dr Cieza-Borella, for a whole academic year, and will eventually produce a talk and poster that will hopefully be presented at the IRIS (Institute For Research in Schools),Conference , University College, London, and Great  Exhibition Road Festival and Royal Society Conference.  

The talk was followed by some questions by the students, which was then followed by a broadcast talk, by Dr. Cieza-Borella, our  Royal Society Science Partner, from Saint Georges, University of London, Tooting.

You can read about Dr Cieza-Borella's research here:


Finally, the session ended with some testimonies from previous Elite Scientists: 

“Elite Scientists was beneficial to me as it helped me grow not only academically but as a person too. When I first joined, I came with the intention to only gain some new skills like more scientific knowledge but however I gained much more. I learned how to work as a team, I made new friends, I developed my speaking skills and more. Elite Scientists isn't just a simple science program, it's a helpful insight into all aspects of life, scientific and philosophical. Thank you and I hope you join this great opportunity. “ A Year 10

“When I first heard of the remarkable opportunity-Elite scientists-I became intrigued. I saw it as a way to nurture my interest in science into a passion, a means of understanding the beautiful subject. However, it became so much more than that. I developed many scientific skills such as learning how to efficiently carry out an experiment but I also life skills such as working with a team and overcoming the dislike of reading in front of others. Furthermore, I made memories that I will forever cherish, met great people, discovered many scientific ideas and went on a few trips. It's an opportunity that makes you grow as a person, an opportunity that fulfils you. I would grab this chance and fill out the application form instantly if I could!!”  R Year 10

So an exciting year ahead!!

Thank you to the Royal Society for the grant of around £3000, and the Armorers and Brasiers for the grant of £1000, that have made this project possible.  

Also, thank you to Dr. Iryna Benilova for a wonderful Elite Science Launch talk, and advanced thanks for being our on the ground scientist.   

In addition, thank you to our Science Partner Dr. Cieza-Borella, from Saint George's, for her encouraging address about the project too, and for collaboration with our on the ground scientist Dr. Iryna Benilova.  

Finally, thanks to our Technical help, Ben Greenwood and Ms Anita Kapila for facilitating and leading the launch and Elite Scientist's programme. 

Ms. Kapila