On Tuesday 27th of June, 2023, the Elite Scientists, went to the Fiends Meeting House, in Euston, to give their research findings to more than 500 delegates, from other schools, at the IRIS Conference 2023 (Institute for Research in Schools).  As well as students and teachers from other schools, there were academics who were also present witnessing the wonderful work that the students have put together for this day. The schedule is attached. Essentially, the students registered, looked at all the other posters (including their own). They formulated questions to ask other students, as well as standing around their posters in groups of five, so that they could answer questions about their project to people they did not know, which was: "The effect of various activities on the short-term memory of year 7 -9, students".  The outcome of their project is very interesting,  as they found that whether they did mental tasks or physical tasks, they both equally improved, short-term memory    One group of five is elite scientists actually got up on stage and did a lightning one minute talk. VERY nerve wracking!!! The students did us VERY proud.

Well done to all the Elite Scientists.

Thank you also to Divya Vyas who accompanied us.