Are those real body parts?!


A question the student were asking themselves when they went into the paramedic simulation room.


On Friday 19 May, both Elite Scientist groups: Short Term Memory and Photovoice groups gave their talks to their fellow peers and academics of Saint George's.   They elicited a lot of courage to do this!!  Well done!  Photovoice is an established method developed initially by health promotion researchers (Wang and Burris, 1997). By utilising photographs taken and selected by participants, respondents can reflect upon and explore the reasons, emotions and experiences that have guided their chosen images.


The students had a great day attending the following activities: 


09:30-12:15- Students presentations and questions in lecture theatre from peers and academics. Students did amazingly well!


 12:15-12:30Dr Juulia Ahvensalmi giving a talk about St George's history, including about Blossom and Edward  Jenner.   Interesting fact: Saint George's is the only hospital in the UK with the medical school within it.  Students saw Blossom the cow that Edward Jenner worked on, as well as Edward Jenner’s archived book!!!!


13:15- 14:15Library with Ms Sue David and Juulia Ahvensalmi, paramedics simulation rooms, where they met Mrs Caroline Neveu’s team: Rachel Smith and Sarah Wood.


 14:15- 15:00- Visit to Jenner wing second floor labs (from outside), where they saw researchers in action!


The students really enjoyed their day, however they were very excited about the paramedic simulation rooms, where they were in a simulated nightclub, where someone had “fallen down the stairs”.  I had to say it made me want to explore this career (but I won’t! Teaching for me!)


It was a great day, well done to everyone! 

Amazing talks, amazing labs, amazing artefacts, and amazing paramedic simulation!!


Thank you  to:

Dr Clara Cieza-Borrella for organising the day