Founders Day has been another huge success this year. William Perkin, Church of England. High school is now 10 years old, and as Founders Day suggests, is the day that our school was founded.

The day was full of lots of different activities, run by various scientists , from different establishments, such as University College London, Kings College, London, and Pfizer.   

We had 2 keynote speeches, one from Dr Ashley King, from Natural History Museum, talking about the “Chemistry of meteorites”, and Professor Andrea Sella talking about “Strange Ice”.    

Students seem to really enjoy the talks, and the activities. It was a fun, exciting day, learning all about the chemistry of different things.  Activities are listed below, but they included experiments to make batteries to make LEDs work and making Polymers. 

Great stuff!!

Thank you to Dr. Ashley King, Professor Andrea, Sella, and all our external guests listed below. 

Well done to everyone who helped out with different sessions, and those who helped behind-the-scenes, like our office and facilities, group. Thank you to Kevin Alderton, who arranged the timetable of the day, as well as inviting different scientists in,  including one of our keynote speakers, Professor Andrea Sella.

(By the way, the bag on the right in the photo is very important, as that is the bag that Dr Ashley King carried the Winchcombe meteorite back to the Natural History Museum in, just in case you are wondering! )

Ms Kapila

Science Teacher and 

Leader of Elite Scientists