'Mending a broken heart', this was the title of Professor Jeremy Pearson's  Keynote speech, that he gave on Founders day to the key stage 4 students. It was very insightful, interesting, and inspirational.  Professor Pearson, MBE, has contributed greatly to the area of cardiovascular research, especially the area of adenosine. You can read his impressive biography here:https://esc365.escardio.org/person/11817


We also had an impressive talk given by Dr. Aileen King, from Kings College, who spoke about diabetes. You can read her wonderful biography here: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/aileen-king.  Her team also lead workshops and experiments on diabetes, and the students really enjoyed themselves.


Meanwhile in the Art department, Simran, from  Graysons’s Art Club,  came to help lead two sessions on art therapy. Well done to Ms. Storer, for leading those lessons. They were amazing, and we learned more about synesthesia, which is a condition where people see colours, when they hear music. The students created wonderful pieces of art based on their feelings when listening to music.  Simran appears on series one, episode five, and series 3, episode seven of Graysons art club on Channel 4.  So do you catch him on there.


There was so much going on this Founders Day, on this topic of Health, well done to all the external guess, and WP staff for leading, and helping with sessions.  

Thanks to everyone. Well done!